New Website Promotes Plant Breeding Innovation

March 7, 2019

According to Andy LaVigne, American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) president and CEO, the association strives to stay on top of plant breeding innovation and relay updates to its members. To help meet this goal, ASTA has partnered with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization to launch

According to the website, it aims to “highlight progress in agriculture, food and wellness. We strive to explore and contextualize gene editing advancements and to promote dialogue and clarity on agriculture innovation under development. We believe in what’s possible when science and nature work together to help sustain our planet for generations to come.”

LaVigne is hoping this website will also serve as a place for conversation to spark. “It’s a great platform to look at what the industry is up to nowadays and to have conversations,” he says. If people have concerns about plant breeding, he thinks “this is a great spot to raise those concerns. Let’s talk about it.”

LaVigne believes this is a monumental time in the seed industry and plant breeding. He hopes this new hub will give industry professionals the opportunity to tell the story of innovation.

The website is now live. Visit to learn more about plant breeding innovation.

Source: Vegetable & Specialty Crop News