Organic Certification Program

Organic Certification Program

The Georgia Crop Improvement Association's Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP) is committed to environmentally sound and economically viable production of food and encourages the preservation of natural resources, the improvement of soil quality and health through organic and sustainable farming practices and to foster the production of healthy livestock and poultry production.

The GCIAOCP is based on the requirements of the June 12, 2007 Part IV, Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Marketing Service 7CFR Part 205 NATIONAL ORGANIC PROGRAM; FINAL RULE , also known in this publication as the NOP.

For additional information, contact Terry Hollifield, Executive Director, at or 706-542-2351.


Organic Certified Farms/Handlers/Processors

Program Adminstration & Policy Manual

National Organic Program



International Trade of Certified Organic Products

Organic Application Flow Chart

Organic Program Organizational Structure

Storage Facility Affidavit



NOTE: First time applicants must contact the GCIA office and request a fee estimate letter prior to making application as required by the USDA National Organic Program.

Processor / Handler Organic System Plan *Includes forms below

  1. Organic Product Summary
  2. Single Ingredient Product Profile
  3. Multiple Ingredient Product Profile
  4. Materials Input Inventory


Crop Organic System Plan (Farm Application) *Includes forms below

  1. Crops Materials Inputs Inventory
  2. Field History Record
  3. Seed & Planting Stock Search Record
  4. Seed & Planting Stock Source Verification Form
  5. Previous Land Use Declaration


Livestock Organic System Plan *Includes forms below

  1. Dry Matter Intake (DMI) Worksheet
  2. Field History Record
  3. Livestock Inventory Record
  4. Previous Land Use Declaration


Poultry Organic System Plan


Greenhouse Organic System Plan *Includes forms below

  1. Greenhouse Materials Input Inventory
  2. Seed & Planting Stock Search Record
  3. Seed & Planting Stock Source Verification Form


Organic Integrity in the Supply Chain: Overview for Certified Organic Handlers (couresty of USDA AMS)

USDA AMS Organic INTEGRITY through Data Partnerships

(couresty of USDA AMS)