Officers, Board of Directors & Staff

Officers, Board of Directors & Staff


President: Jutt Howard, North Georgia Turf

Past President: Larry Cunningham, R.L. Cunningham & Sons, Inc.

1st Vice President: Chris Roquemore, Patten Seed Company

2nd Vice President: Reed Rogers, Golden Peanut & Tree Nut, Inc.


Bill Bullard, Birdsong Peanuts

Chad Chandler, Olam Peanut Shelling Company, Inc.

Brian Ogletree, Ogletree Seed, Inc.

Albert Rogers, Premium Peanut, LLC

Blake Shepard, Mixon Seed Service

Drew Watkins, Sunbelt Turf Farms

Billy Skaggs, Executive Director


Mark Collier, Field & Conditioning Plant Inspector

Terry Crane, Food Safety Program Manager

Sean Cunard, Field & Conditioning Plant Inspector

Billie Dunn, Organic Program Manager

Jeanne Gonzales, Organic Certification Specialist

Becki Hicks, Seed & Turf Certification Administrative Assistant

Terry Hollifield, Senior Consultant / Inspector

Mary Jo Kennedy, Organic Certification Specialist

Johnny Luke, Senior Organic Inspector

Austin Redmond, Field & Conditioning Plant Inspector

Marie Sidwell, Director of Operations

Leslie Wright, Seed Certification Administrative Assistant