Organic Jump Start Program

Organic Jump Start Program

The guiding principles of organic agriculture are based on production systems that promote biodiversity of the environment, enhance biological cycles that improve resources, and promote sustainable agriculture. Producers of organic crops utilize cultural, biological and mechanical methods to grow crops rather than relying on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides or genetically modified seed and plants.

In the United States, the National Organic Program (NOP), administrated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service, is the federal regulatory framework governing organic food production. 

Many new organic producers find the regulations and certification process challenging and often overwhelming.  To aid these producers, Agricultural Audits, LLC (AA) has developed the “Organic Jump Start Program”. By participating in Jump Start, a producer can begin the process of learning the organic certification program requirements and documenting production practices that are in compliance with the National Organic Program. 

The Jump Start Program will document the use of land and any soil fertility or pest management inputs that may be applied in preparation for meeting the three year land history requirements of the National Organic Program.  Upon completion of the required three years without the application of prohibited materials and approval of a current Organic System Plan, the applicant may be approved to produce and market certified organic products.

See below for Organic Jump Start Program Manual and other supporting documents.

Organic Jump Start Program Manual

Jump Start Application (Organic System Plan)

Field History Record

Materials Input Inventory

Seed & Planting Stock Source Verification

Seed & Planting Stock Search Record

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