Georgia Peaches Poised for Sweet Comeback

Published 5/19/2024

MACON, GA. — Georgia Peaches are poised to kick off an unprecedented run through produce departments and farmer’s markets across North America. The signature sweet taste of Georgia’s legendary fruit was truly missed last season and the Georgia Peach Council (GPC) is predicting a record-breaking crop of particularly sweet Georgia peaches.

“We’re going to make some friends this summer with the peach crop we have,” said GPC President Duke Lane. “We can’t wait to get started!”

Industry optimism is based on a winter with enough chill hours and a spring with no late freezes. Combine these growing conditions with well-rested fruit-bearing trees in their prime and you have a sweet recipe for the best summer of succulent Georgia peaches in multiple decades.

These conditions are also key in providing premium sizing and vibrant color to the fruit. Georgia Peach Council growers will be picking more than 50 varieties of beautifully blushed peaches across 10,000 acres of manicured orchards. Harvest began in early May and will stretch into late August, and shipping is underway.

“These types of crops are just good for the soul. We work so hard, each and every day, to bring all this sweetness to the world. We just want to shout from the mountain top: Now’s the time to come get your Sweet Georgia peaches! Get your orders in today,” said GPC Marketing Director Will McGehee.

In 2023, an April freeze wiped out an estimated 98% of the state’s commercial peach crop.

Source: Georgia Farm Bureau