Georgia Commodity Commissions Accepting Nominations for Board Members

The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commissions for Beef, Cotton, Equine and Tobacco are accepting nominations to fill several positions for each Commodity Commission Board with term lengths of three years. To be nominated a person must be an active and qualified Georgia producer of the commodity. Geographic representation may be considered when making appointments.

The Beef Commission has five positions open for nominations, the Cotton and Equine Commissions each have two positions and the Tobacco Commission has one position. By statute three of the Beef Commission’s positions are to be beef producers, one a dairy producer and one a livestock marketer.

Agricultural commodity commissions are farmer-funded programs to enhance research, promotion and education, and are authorized under Georgia law by the Commodity Promotions Act.

Nominations can be made by producers of the applicable commodity by filling out a Nominee Information Form available for download at:

For more information, contact Andy Harrison, Commodity Commissions Manager, at (404)-586-1405 or