National Peanut Board launches research database


ATLANTA — The National Peanut Board has funded production research projects to increase efficiencies for farmers since 2001, totaling more than 1,600 projects and $37 million. Now, NPB is taking its commitment to research one step further with the launch of the new Production Research Database, available at

NPB is giving unprecedented access to research projects involving the Board’s funds. Within the database, growers and industry members can learn more about research on a specific topic—from breeding and genomics to pest and disease control—region, year and investigator.

“The Production Research Database is a fantastic resource for growers, extension agents and researchers,” said Dan Ward, National Peanut Board N.C. board member, former chairman and research committee chair. “For growers, it is not only a clear way to see where research dollars are going, it’s also easy to use and access from the field. For researchers, it helps avoid duplication of efforts and shows opportunities for collaboration.”

Production research is a core part of NPB’s mission to improve the economic condition of America’s peanut farmers and their families. Over the last 20 years, the National Peanut Board has invested more than $37 million in production research. This total includes leverage of just $871,500 from NPB and other industry partners to receive matching funds from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), which has yielded over $2.5 million for peanut production research.

NPB supports research primarily through proposals from peanut-producing states’ certified peanut producer organization. From improving disease resistance and drought tolerance to developing high oleic varieties and mapping the peanut genome, NPB-funded research is making peanut farmers more sustainable and more profitable.

NPB’s online home for production research stories and news is

Source: National Peanut Board